Dueling A465 Heads of the Valleys Road starts 2019 what about the Aberdare Bypass Extension?

Dueling A465 Heads of the Valleys Road starts 2019 what about the Aberdare Bypass Extension?

All of us who have to travel out of Cynon Valley daily to and from work will be aware of the traffic problems we see every day and where the major holdup are.


This is a problem that is getting worse with every new housing development Rhondda Cynon Taf Council approve without improving our highway infrastructure. RCTC are tinkering with extended lanes at some roundabouts this helps in the short term but is it enough?


Work starts on dualling the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road in 2019 we can expect a large increase in the volume of traffic traveling through Cynon Valley during construction of the road, doubtless that’s why work is being done now to improve traffic flows on the A4059 in preparation.


Looking at the plan for the Heads of the Valleys Road where it passes over the A4059 at Hirwaun there doesn’t seem to be any details for the proposed new Aberdare Bypass Extension to join up with the new road. Is this an oversight or is the proposed Aberdare Bypass Extension to be used as labour election propaganda just as the proposed rail extension and new station at Hirwaun has been use in countless elections?




The long awaited Mountain Ash Southern Cross Valley Link, a cross valley link approximately 1km south of Mountain Ash town centre to divert traffic away from the built up B4275 to the A4059 bringing environmental relief to Mountain Ash town centre, the Miskin and Penrhiwceiber area. Again this proposed development, which is planned for construction during 2019-20, but there are no plans in place now for the start of the Aberdare Bypass Extension a much bigger project.


There is no planed starting date for the Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link; which forms part of the Cynon Taf Local Development Plan up to 2021 – Adopted since March 2011, RCTC said the proposed cross-river link will bring environmental relief to residential and commercial properties within the town centre and the Miskin and Penrhiwceiber area. The scheme will facilitate regeneration of the area, and will provide improved safety and environmental conditions in the town centre. The scheme will provide an improved link to the new Mountain Ash Hospital. With all the new housing and proposed new developments you have to ask why is there no talk of this project being started in the near future.


We see Andrew Morgan leader of RCTC is posting on Twitter about the work done on the A4059, a number of people have questioned the need for two sets of traffic lights on the A4059 at Aberdare both sited in bad positions on strategic roundabouts, as you are aware one set of lights has a bridge running over it, but that’s planning the RCTC way I suppose. To quote the leader of RCTC Andrew Morgan‏ on Twitter “With the bridge there I don't know why the lights are needed if honest and I've questioned that”

Who was in charge of highways at the time the crossing was relocated?

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