Action for Children Fostering in Wales Poll

A new poll from Action for Children has shown that few people in Wales are likely to ever become a foster carer.

88% of Welsh adults said that they were unlikely to ever become a foster carer.

Action for Children a launching a drive to recruit more foster carers this month, aimed at the difference carers make to a child or young adult, and what a rewarding job it can be.

Action for Children said “Over 1,000 people were polled across Wales as part of the charity’s ‘Spare Room’ initiative. The findings highlight that more than half the country’s households have a spare room with three quarters using it as a guest bedroom. Yet only a tiny minority would consider using that spare room to potentially make a life changing difference to the 500 children in need of a safe and secure home. Over the coming month, Action for Children want to highlight how – with the right training and support – people could use their spare rooms to transform young lives.”

The #myspareroom campaign uses virtual reality (VR) to show members of the public what it’s like to welcome foster children into their home and see the difference it makes to vulnerable young people.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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