GP trainees discouraged by ‘disappearing’ posts

GP trainees discouraged by ‘disappearing’ posts
ROBERTS: Improved fill rates are only part of the solution to recruitment challenges

BMA Cymru Wales has called for clarification on the process of advertising GP training places after it was claimed that posts advertised online mysteriously ‘disappeared’.

ITV Wales spoke to a doctor who had moved to Wales to apply for a role. When they went to start the application process, they found the post they wanted had been taken down.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the doctor told the broadcaster: ‘I was really upset about this. I have been studying for months to prepare myself for the GP entrance exam that I have to sit as part of the application.

‘I’m really frustrated by the situation. All I hear in the news and from colleagues is that we are in desperate need for GPs, especially in North Wales. I have taken a lot of time and commitment preparing to start my GP training.

‘There is no point in me applying anymore as there are no longer any jobs in the area I have moved to. I feel betrayed and let down by the system which I am only trying to contribute to. I am totally perplexed at how this will solve the GP crisis.’

The doctor said there were 24 posts initially advertised as available across Wales, but that just days later, the number had halved to 12.


‘Timing issue’

BMA Welsh junior doctors committee chair Bethan Roberts said: ‘We’re concerned to hear that there has been confusion over the number of available GP training places and while we await clarification on exactly what has happened, we hope that this doesn’t have a negative impact on attracting trainees to Wales.

‘BMA Cymru Wales continues to call for an increase in the number of posts advertised in Wales, particularly after seeing the improved fill rates for trainees starting this August. This is only part of the solution to tackling recruitment challenges.’

The Wales Deanery said it was in discussions with the Welsh Government and said: ‘The situation surrounding vacancies to be advertised for round two of GP recruitment 2017 is complex and remains a matter of discussion between the Wales Deanery and Welsh Government.’

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: ‘We have not removed any GP training places.

‘As well as currently advertising those posts which remain unfilled from round 1, we are in discussions with the Wales Deanery about when other posts will be advertised. This is a timing issue and does not affect the overall number of GP training places available.’

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