Council warned about danger of overgrown verges

Councils have been urged not to reduce the number of times verges are trimmed, after a new poll found two-fifths of drivers reported problems with overgrown foliage on local roads.

A survey by the AA found two fifths (42%) of drivers said sight lines at junctions are a problem due to overgrown shrubs and long grass.

A further 39% also said direction signs were being obscured by overhanging branches.

The AA warned that hidden signs and sight lines were contributing to more than 1,000 casualties on the UK’s roads.

‘Highways authorities may think reducing the number of times a hedge or a tree is trimmed throughout the year is an easy cost saving measure, but cut backs can have consequences,’ said Edmund King, AA president. ‘

While we strive for zero road deaths, something as simple as cutting back shrubs to improve sight lines at junctions can be the difference between seeing a vulnerable road user and not seeing them.’

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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