Publication of the Independent Review of Support for Publishing and Literature in Wales

The Welsh Books Council welcomes the publication of the independent Review of Support for Publishing and Literature in Wales and will be discussing its findings and recommendations with relevant stakeholders and within its own management and governance structures.

The report clearly recognises the key roles that literature and publishing play in the culture and the economy of Wales and the Welsh Books Council is pleased to see that the valuable contribution made by writers, publishers and the industry as a whole has been acknowledged. The recommendations indicate a substantial widening of the Council’s remit, and, given the requisite funding, represent a new opportunity to offer additional services to publishers, writers and readers in Wales. The Council will also consider the recommendations made in regards to its current work and services and respond in detail in due course. Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council, said: "We are looking forward to cooperating with all stakeholders, including the Arts Council of Wales and Literature Wales, to further build on the excellent achievements of the various schemes and we welcome the opportunity to widening our work addressing child poverty and to supporting the Welsh Government’s inclusion agenda even further." Professor M Wynn Thomas, Chairman of the Welsh Books Council, commented: "I am pleased that the recommendations acknowledge the key role the Books Council has played for over 50 years in supporting and developing the publishing industry in Wales. The proposals complement the Council’s current work and will ensure that publishers, writers and the promotion of reading will remain at the heart of the Council’s mission."

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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