.Millions more for Health and Education

The current NHS is simply not delivering the level of care we deserve and staff want to provide, and the only way we can ensure it is properly financed and at the same time have money for the myriad of other services provided by government is to raise more money for it. The Liberal Democrats are the only party coming clean about that with plans to increase income tax by 1% in order to ensure our NHS is properly funded.

This would give Wales an extra £300million a year which could be invested in health and social care. The current service just cannot cope with demand. Of course during our time in coalition government we achieved substantial tax changes which increased the level at which people start to pay tax and meaning millions were no longer required to pay income tax at all, so the small extra burden for this would not fall on the lowest earners.

Money is not the only problem of course – there needs to be a rethink of management and less political interference. We also need to recruit more medical staff – a task that will not be made easier by Theresa May's hard line on Europe. In Wales of course health and social care are devolved and services here are no better than in England. Which just goes to show, you cannot trust Labour or the Conservatives with our NHS.

The Lib Dems also plan to invest £7bn more in schools and Colleges over the next parliament, which would result in an extra £330m for Wales. This could be spent on raising standards and delivering an education system to give children the best start in life.

RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats are passionate about education and vociferously opposed the cutting of nursery education in RCT, the creation of through 3 to 18 schools and the removal of sixth forms in some cases. Where were the other candidates who are now promising you everything?

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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