Residents say cracks appearing and preventable dust during construction new Cwmaman School

Residents say cracks appearing and preventable dust during construction new Cwmaman School

Residents say cracks appearing due excessive vibration and preventable dust during construction of the new Cwmaman School

Following a telephone call from some dissatisfied residents of Glynhafod referring to the construction of the new Cwmaman Primary School that is being constructed on the old Refuse and Colliery site next to Glananam Road Glynhafod.

Local resident were not happy with the way the construction company Morgan Sindall have been working on site an in adjoining areas of the site boundary.

Residents have show and expressed concerns about excessive vibration to their properties in Glananam Road when the contractor used a large vibrating roller with High amplitudes for maximum depth effect.

Some residents have complained to the contractor about cracks appearing in their property, so much so that the main contractor referred the problems to the Cardiff based structural engineers Bradley Associates who attended site to address the issues. I would appear not surprisingly it is not the fault of the contractor as the engineer who wrote back to one resident the work is over 30M away from your property. Clearly the engineer must be using a different sort of calculating tool because when we calculated the distance it is just over 10M away, and that distance won’t change. We were informed by the residents after they complained to Morgan Sindall the main contractor the large roller was taken off site.


Residents also complain of the large volume of dust that they have to put up with on a daily bases, when they complain a man is given a cane brush to sweep the length of Glananam Road. There is supposed to be installed a wheel washing bay to help prevent the spread of dust and dirt. There is also only to be one entrance to the school site again to help reduce dust etc. so why are there two sited entrances and not one wheel wash? Is this company so poor it can’t afford to carry out the job as described in the planning application and specifications? The Morgan Sindall Group’s order book was up 29% to £3.6 billion, and the Group’s adjusted operating profit was up 26 per cent to £48.8 million.


With all that profit you would think Morgan Sindall would hire a mechanical road sweeper or because its just Cwmaman they just don’t care and cut corners.


So what is Rhondda Cynon Taf Council building control and their health and safety department doing about it all? Not a lot by the sound of it if the contractor has been allowed to get away with things other than in the specification and conditions allowed.The photographs show additional entrance to the site with the detrimental effect it has had on the approach road to the Cwmaman Football Field and mud and dust carried along Glananam Road.


We understand residents have written back to Bradley Associates pointing out their discrepancies in calculating the distance of the work associated with the new school development and asking what the main contractor Morgan Sindall is doing about the cracking in their properties.


Local resident has had reason to contact Morgan Sindall and Rhondda Cynon Taf Council in the past with regard to issues of deliveries before certain times allocated, also due to Morgan Sindall or contractors working under them or direct for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council's supervision when installing the boundary fence and traps, the contractors cut/ripped down around 30-40 tree saplings unnecessary.

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