Not a problem traveling south through Mountain Ash at peak times?

Not a problem traveling south through Mountain Ash at peak times?

The 2017 local elections are over for another 4 years and labour is still in control of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, so that’s good news for housing developers in Cynon Valley, but bad news for commuters who travel in and out of Cynon Valley to work.


As many of you will be aware AberdareOnline has lobbied for years for the Southern Cross Valley Link at Mountain Ash it was way back in 1994 when The Mid Glamorgan County Council started to look at major traffic problems in Mountain Ash https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/53853/page/16268/data.pdf


Optimistically the Southern Cross Valley Link may become a reality in the coming years that may give relief to north bound traffic at peak times if it is constructed correctly with a large roundabout constructed on the A4059 and a dedicated left turn for traffic gaining access to the B4275 to Penrhiwceiber and lower Mountain Ash.  


But what about traffic traveling south through Mountain Ash at peak times, we have been informed by the leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Andrew Morgan that spending £10 million on the Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link is a waste of public money. What he said was,


“No need for a northern bridge and data supports that.” “ I’m sure you don’t want £10m wasted???!!!”


Our labour Assembly member Vicky Howells looks like supporting the council in its assumptions and the lack of support for the Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link.


Having traveled south on the A4095 as many commuters feel the need for improved highway infrastructure perhaps you feel the same, as it takes so long to get through Mountain Ash because of queuing traffic.



The data that is coming out of the Labour controlled RCT council now contradicts what was the Policy of labour controlled council who in 2011 at the time said about major road schemes in its Local Development Plan March 2011, Policy NSA 20 – Major Road Schemes for the Mountain Ash were 1: Mountain Ash Southern Cross Valley Link and 2: Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link.


What the council has said about Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link, a cross-valley link, which links the east to the west bank, north of the Mountain Ash town bridge. The conclusion, the proposed cross-river link will bring environmental relief to residential and commercial properties within the town centre and the Miskin and Penrhiwceiber area.

The justification, the scheme will facilitate regeneration of the area, and will provide improved safety and environmental conditions in the town centre. The scheme will provide a link to the new Mountain Ash Hospital.


With hundreds of new houses and flats being built in Cynon Valley, along with hundreds in the planning stages. The problems will only get worse for commuters. “…And data supports that…”  When the labour controlled council send millions of pounds to Cardiff for the City Deal, which is a £1.2 billion programme for our capitol city. Not forgetting that the City Deal chairman is the labour leader of RCT Council, Andrew Morgan.


The labour council say, it’s a waste of public money to improve highway by implementing Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link, so it may appear that traffic queuing now from Cwmbach to Mountain Ash is just the start…

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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