Defend plans to halve Europe’s food waste

Every year in the EU we waste an estimated 88 million tonnes of food.

But there’s hope – after massive pressure from people across Europe, the European Parliament voted in favour of targets to halve EU food waste from farm to fork by 2030. They also voted to review making these targets binding by 2020, to ensure countries act on this commitment.

Now these plans are under threat. The European Council is trying to water down these ambitious commitments.

The final negotiations kick off in mid-May, and will decide if we really can halve food waste by 2030.

Call on Environment Minister Andrea Leadsom, and her colleagues at the European Council, to unite behind these ambitious commitments to halve food waste now.

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**Please note that in the runup to the UK General Election your email to the Environment Minister will result in an automated reply. However your message will also be delivered to members of the Civil Service who are involved in discussions around food waste at an EU level and will be available for the next Environment Minister after June 8.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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