There is only one ‘thank you’ that we feel we need to give.

There is only one 'thank you' that we feel we need to give. And that is to every single person that has supported our bold vision for a new party and dream of a better Cynon Valley. Here is what we have achieved. This is just the start!

The facts speak for themselves:

  • The Cynon Valley Party in its first ever election and on a shoestring budget did the following:
  • Stood 10 candidates in the local elections on May 4th 2017
  • The CVP fielded candidates in 9 wards in the Cynon area.
  • Aberdare West – Andrew Thomas
  • Aberdare East – Graham Marsh and Ray Dally
  • Aberaman North – Andrew Chainey
  • Aberaman South – Steve Hughes
  • Cwmbach – Gordon Sullivan
  • Mountain Ash East – Steve Carter
  • Mountain Ash West – Kelvyn Bevan
  • Penrhiwceiber – Gavin Williams
  • Abercynon – Phillip Williams
  • Gavin Williams was voted in as our first councillor by the people of Penrhiwceiber Ward
  • The Cynon Valley Party came second in 8 of the seats that we stood in.
  • We held 38 public meetings between September 6th, 2016 and May 3rd, 2017.
  • The meetings were held in every ward (with the exception of Glyncoch – we tried 3 times!). From Rhigos to Clifynydd, Abercynon to Penderyn and everywhere in between.
  • The CVP has had over 290,000 views of its videos.
  • We had a 5-minute feature on the BBC Wales News
  • The Cynon Valley Party had a feature article in the Morning Star National newspaper.
  • We have over 2250 followers on Facebook.

The more important thing is that as a result of the existence of the Cynon Valley Party, the other parties have changed how they do things. They know that we are snapping at their heels. The chances are that you have had more leaflets through your door than ever before during this election. Your local councillor is more visible than they have been for a long while. Things are getting done like they have not for a while. This is a good thing. It shows that the Cynon Valley Party can make things happen.

We are about a positive vision for this valley. We are about taking the national politics out of local issues. We are about promoting this place. The vision was that as a group of individuals with similar values that we would be more visible than an independent candidate. We have achieved that. The Cynon Valley Party is known through the valley and is recognised. We can now use that awareness to take ideas and try to make them a reality.

Please support us. Bring yourself to a meeting. Bring ideas. Bring vision. Bring friends. Bring a smile and a willing to try and make dreams a reality and this valley a brighter place for all of our futures.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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