66% think our council isn’t doing enough to improve the Cynon Valley

In the latest National Survey for Wales, 66% of us said that we feel that the council isn’t doing enough to improve the area. That’s 46,000 of us living in the Cynon Valley, who think we should and need to be doing better.

Now I am sure the majority of the 46,000 people who said that the council isn’t doing enough, were probably thinking about litter, waste collection, dog mess, vandalism, derelict and rundown buildings. It’s these Issues that affect us as we get on with our daily lives and it is important that these remain under control so that we can sustain a good quality of life in Cynon Valley.

Let us not forget that there are lots of families amongst us that have a strong focus on care for our elderly, ensuring that as we get older, everyone receives the care they need. Whilst younger families are concerned with the provision of childcare services and how they differ throughout the Cynon Valley, let alone the whole of Rhondda Cynon Taff. Should services really be provided by a postcode lottery?

It’s because of our experiences of these services that we came together as the Cynon Valley Party. We truly believe that our council has become complacent, taking us for granted. With labour councillors holding safe seats for decades, we have a Labour controlled council, a Labour-controlled police force and a Labour controlled devolved government – this offers very little or no challenge to those making decisions for us, especially at a grassroots level in our local council.

It's because of these decisions that we have one the highest level of council tax in the whole of Wales out of the 24 unitary authorities. With a typical band D property being over £284 more per year in Cynon Valley than our capital city, Cardiff.

Yet, despite this inflated level of tax we’ve seen cuts and in some cases a total loss of services with local facilities closing and leaving a huge void in our communities.

As the Cynon Valley Party we will scrutinise decisions and give the Cynon Valley a true voice, by reflecting the concerns and feedback we get from residents and businesses directly into the council chamber.

A vote for the Cynon Valley Party on the 4th of May will be a vote to ensure that our public services are delivered as promised.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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