ON THE EDGE /AR YR YMYL: Artists from Borth

An exhibition by artists living in Borth, Ceredigion: 


Stuart Evans/Becky Knight/Peter Jones/Lynne Dickins/Catrin Webster/Ruth Pachman/Linda Henry/Michael Mann/Eve Smith/Sarah Pugh/Mikey Bailey/Neil Johnson/Bodge/…


Gwenllian Ashley who has curated this exhibition says: ‘Borth artists live and work literally on the edge. It’s a village trapped between the sea and the mountains. Borth is an ugly, beautiful village and the work reflects this. Some escape into other lands, others paint the grim realities of living on a storm beach, but all have an affinity to their village and its idiosyncratic view of life.’


Such a variety of styles and interests from a group of people that are inspired by or influenced by this quirky little place on the west coast of Wales. A fabulous opportunity to see how artists respond to their environment and a chance to enjoy different media and see what can be achieved under the umbrella of one subject.


In Oriel Fach, there is a delightful exhibition by Katie Scarlet Howard of ceramic figures which celebrate the ‘Herring Girls’ who serviced the fishing industry in Stornoway. Katie will be offering workshops on Saturday 25 March – please telephone the gallery to book.


On the stairs are photographs by Jane Eve Dixon exploring ‘The Spirit of Ynyslas’ – The Lost Kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod. Stunning images of the submerged forests of Borth, the trees that were exposed at the exceptionally low tides of 2014.


The exhibitions open on Saturday 25 February, with the Private View starting at 2pm. The gallery opens Wednesday to Saturday from 10am till 5pm. Free!

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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