Call for BBC Interviewees: Domiciliary Care

BBC Week In Week Out are looking for people to talk to and possibly interview who are currently trying to get domiciliary care, but are unable to do so.

This could be for several reasons: they could be in hospital and ready to be discharged, but are unable to be sent home because a care package cannot be put in place for them (i.e. so-called bed-blocking); or they might be told by the local authority that they are on a waiting list for domiciliary care as there just isn’t a care company in their area which can provide the care they need at the moment.

They are looking for people/their families who are going through this now.

(This is not about quality of care but about those needing care and not receiving it because it can’t be put into place quickly.)

Initially, the BBC would like to have a chat with people who are going through the experience outlined above, with a view to them taking part in a TV documentary if they are happy to do so.

You can contact Natasha.hirst@disabilitywales.org

Or, phone 02920 20887325.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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