Rhydyfelin Councillor a tad upset by Lib Dem getting things done.

Cllr Maureen Webber, Labour Councillor for Rhydyfelin and Deputy Leader of the Council got a little bit uppity this week when Welsh Lib Dem Councillor Mike Powell reported some flytipping and rubbish accumulating in her ward.

Mike had been at work doing his "day job" as a heating engineer in the area when someone mentioned the mess. After calling around to take a look he reported it to the Council via twitter. Cllr Webber then threw a bit of what can only be described as a hissy fit on social media.

On her Facebook site on 6 January she said:

"The problem with furniture and litter up Poets Close was not the responsibility of Trivallis as posted on a Twitter site by an individual. I had already discussed these issues with Newydd and they have been addressed. I work very closely with all social housing Landlords in my ward and the last thing I would do is to apportion blame before checking facts. It's a pity others didn't do the same."

Similar comments were tweeted by the irate Councillor, who obviously was keen to assert her authority on the situation. Her comments about not apportioning blame before reporting facts would be fair if it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't Mike who said the area was the responsibility of Trevallis – he was told that, publicly, by a Council officer via twitter.

Still, given her lofty position within the Labour authority Cllr Webber will no doubt be getting to the bottom of this and making sure that the officer does not make the same mistake again – after all they are supposed to be there to help, not give out incorrect information. She may also wish to ask why Mike was given a reference number for the report when if she had already reported it and it was in hand then surely they would have mentioned that as it would have been in the record?

I am sure the residents of Poet's Close are just grateful for the clean up.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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