Workforce engagement ‘mixed’, finds survey

BANFIELD: Hopes for a measurable change in three years' time

Levels of engagement between NHS employers in Wales and the medical workforce are mixed, according to a survey.

For the first time, NHS organisations across Wales invited doctors to take part in the Medical Engagement Scale, which aims to measure the level of engagement across the health service in Wales.

The results showed a ‘mixed picture’ across Wales, with good and bad examples of medical engagement.

NHS organisations have said they will work with BMA Cymru Wales and are committed to improving relations during the next three years – when the survey is due to run again.

Vanessa Young, director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, said: ‘Speaking on behalf of NHS organisations in Wales, our commitment to strong medical engagement is clear.

‘The Medical Engagement Scale has helped us to identify where improvement is needed and we welcome the support of BMA Cymru Wales to work with us on tackling lower levels of engagement with doctors across the service.'

BMA Welsh council chair Phil Banfield said: 'The results of the medical engagement scale did not come as a surprise to our members… many of these concerns had been raised with us before.

'We welcome the commitment to improve engagement with the medical workforce, and expect that by the time the Medical Engagement Scale exercise is repeated in three years’ time, there will be a measurable change in the culture of the NHS in Wales.

'Hopefully, this culture will be one that is able to report a valued and engaged workforce which is better for patients and that makes Wales an attractive place to train, work and live for doctors.'

Find out more about the Medical Engament Scale


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