Labour using taxpayers money and Council resources to promote themselves

Well, would you credit it? Five months out from the Council elections and in RCT the Labour run Council are using taxpayers' money and Council resources to spread their message.

Why is it that they have waited until now to start a new "Leader's blog" via the RCT Council website and to start producing a newsletter which people can sign up to and receive via email? Seems a bit of a coincidence.

This newsletter, and presumably the blog, will be full of "good news" stories about the wonders being brought about by the Labour party. It will fail to mention any negatives, or cutbacks being made, or money being wasted on pet projects.

Whereas any other party or individual wanting to get a message across ahead of May will have to sort it and pay for it themselves, the Labour party will have the advantage of a team of public employees to do it for them.

Make no mistake this is not about increasing communication for residents benefit – it is purely designed to make people forget the last four and a half years of cut backs, school closures, loss of services and council tax increases and fool them into yet again voting for the people responsible.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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