Remembrance Day Tea Party

Remembrance Day is always an important occasion at St John’s, but for the past 2 years, we have been trying to make it that little bit more special. Following on from the success of last year’s event, a group of us decided to invite local veterans back to our school following the service at the cenotaph for a small tea party.

                For the past few weeks, a group of us have been planning the tea party for the community challenge section of our Welsh Baccalaureate. We were fortunate enough to receive donations from a whole manner of people, including Greggs, Pirelli’s, and many other generous people of Aberdare.

                This year was a huge success, with around 50 veterans attending, not including many other senior members of staff. The Air Cadets, Army Cadets and St John’s Ambulance Cadets. The senior prefects in the Sixth Form also helped with handing out teas and coffees.  Many people also made heart-felt statements during the event, including some from Fr Robert and Dr Mitchell. To raise money for the veteran’s society, we also held a raffle and auctioned off some large cakes that were kindly made for us, with the most expensive one going for a price in excess of £50! Our current total is £163.07, with more being raised through raffles and cake sales.

                Megan Jones, one of the organisers also wrote a poem to place in the thank you cards that we handed out to the veterans. This is what she wrote;


“Our little gift to you today, never could compare.                                                                               To all those precious servicemen, who fought with love and care.                                                      Lost, but never forgotten, in memory they will stay.                                                                      Without their courageous sacrifice, we wouldn’t be here today.                                                          Just a simple thank you, for all that you have done.

If not for your determination, the war would not have been won.”


We hope the event will cement our ties with the older generation, especially our much valued veterans and we look forward to holding the tea party again soon.

A very big thank you to Mrs Crellin and Mrs Davies for organising this.

Remembrance Parade in Aberdare 2017

Pupils and staff attended a Eucharist service in St Elvans church and then joined the Remembrance  Parade on Sunday  13 November. Dr S M Mitchell, Headteacher,  Head Boy Jonathan Saunders and Head Girl Rachel  Kathryn lay wreaths at the cenotaph

Remembrance Service

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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