RCT Council consulting on car park charges

RCT Council are currently consulting on possible reductions to car parking charges in the county. The six week consultation began on 21st October and can be accessed here.

The press release quoted Council leader Andrew Morgan stating:

"Earlier this year I met with a number of traders from our town centres to discuss car parking. This was a constructive meeting in which a commitment was given to review our car park charging arrangements."

It goes on to express the amazing revelation that

""In recent years, the boom in online shopping and out-of-town retail parks has led to a reduction in footfall and trade in town centres across the UK. "

RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats have been saying this for years and also pressing for reductions in, or even scrapping of, car parking charges. Way back in September 2012 Cllr Mike Powell put forward a motion to Council to that effect but as usual the Labour administration turns a deaf ear to any ideas that come from the opposition. Details of that motion can be found here.

Traders too have been pressing for changes for some considerable time but to no avail. Of course the fact that there is an election looming could have nothing to do with this sudden change of heart.

We of course welcome any possible reduction that could help to entice shoppers back to our town centres and also reduce the cost for workers who have to pay to park all day in long stay car parks in the town. However, we would have liked to see a free period offered of at least one hour in short stay car parks to offer further encouragement to those who only want to pick up a couple of items or visit a bank / optician / estate agent etc. After all the Council recently reduced the pedestrian only hours in Pontypridd and are allowing people to park in the street for free for a short while. Why shouldn't people in other towns where they cannot do that lose out?

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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