Burns: Welsh Government’s EU panel has “too few Brexiteers”

Welsh Conservatives have criticised a new Welsh Government Brexit group as too “one-sided”.

The body has been established to provide advice to the Welsh Government on the “challenges and opportunities” arising from the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, and contains voices from business, education and trade union background.

However, the group contains just one confirmed leave campaigner and no representatives from BME backgrounds.

Commenting this morning, Shadow Health Secretary, Angela Burns, said:

“I am surprised to see that the makeup of the EU advisory panel is so one-sided. Even more so given that the First Minister said that just days ago that no one group or individual had a monopoly on good ideas.

“There are too few Brexiteers on board, too few women as usual, and no one from a BME background.

“I wanted to stay in Europe but I totally accept the decision made by Wales and the United Kingdom, and all that matters now is securing the best deal for Wales.

Sadly I am sceptical that this group, based on the usual Labour love-in with a few token outsiders, will achieve much.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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