Plaid’s lack of influence highlighted once again

Plaid Cymru’s lack of influence in Welsh political decision-making has been laid bare once again, despite the existence of so-called joint-working liaison committees, and alleged agreements related to infrastructure.

It is claimed Plaid Cymru have a role in the decision-making process in Wales; effectively sacrificing their role as a fully-fledged opposition party in the process.

However, despite roles in a liaison committee covering finance, and agreements over an Infrastructure Commission, Plaid are excluded from key policy decisions which straddle these areas.

Indeed, the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy and Infrastructure has confirmed – further to pressure from the Welsh Conservatives – that no discussions whatsoever were held with Plaid over the recent appointment of a full-time traffic commissioner, despite the significance of the role, and its impact both on public finances and infrastructure.

Shadow Transport spokesperson, Russell George AM, said:

“This is yet another example of Plaid's lack of influence in some of the key areas they claim to have a foothold.

“By cosying up to Labour, and effectively surrendering their tag as the Official Opposition, we have seen a summer of silence from the Nationalists in Wales – but it seems they are getting nothing in return.

“Plaid claim to have some influence in the areas of finance and infrastructure. However, the appointment of a full-time traffic commissioner – which has an impact on Welsh Government purse strings, and our national infrastructure – was made with no input from Plaid Cymru.

“With Labour at civil war, Plaid Cymru so ineffectual and UKIP in chaos, Welsh Conservatives will continue to offer robust, strong, competent opposition to a stale administration.”

Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies AM, added:

“This is further evidence as to the nature of Plaid Cymru's Jekyll and Hyde politics – which is doing nothing to deliver for the people of Wales. They seem to have the worst of both worlds – no involvement, and no scrutiny.”

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