First Minister “craven for not taking leadership stance”

Commenting on the latest civil strife to have engulfed the Labour Party – whereby Carwyn Jones is said to be “extremely angry” about a Labour HQ briefing against Welsh Labour staff – a spokesperson for the Welsh Conservatives said:

“It is clear that the civil war engulfing the Labour Party has reached fever pitch.

“The First Minister is taking a craven stance in not nailing his colours to the mast and picking a candidate for the leadership race.

“Two days ago the Labour leaders Kezia Dugdale and Sadiq Khan came out in support of Owen Smith, so the First Minister’s silence on this critical issue seems strange, and betrays a lack of leadership.

“It is no secret that Carwyn Jones distrusts Corbyn, which sits at odds with the membership in Wales – most of whom seem to have come out in his support.

“This does beg the question as to how attuned he and his Cabinet colleagues are to the direction in which its membership seem to want to take the party.

“While Labour work assiduously to quell the fallout from their innumerable public squabbles, the Conservative Party are working hard to steer the country into a new era of economic opportunity.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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