Rhondda’s Neighbourhood Policing

Rhondda’s Neighbourhood Policing Team has been running a special traffic operation in response to increased public concern about the way some motorists are driving in the Ystrad and Gelli areas of the valley. 
The day-long operation on Tuesday (16th August) featured a number of mobile speeding exercises involving the local community which were carried out to identify those travelling at excessive speed in the area.
PCSO Cherylin Pryor who managed the operation said: "The results were very reassuring.
"We set up the mobile speed cameras in a number of different locations and checked 80 cars. Of those 12 were found to be travelling over the speed limit and we will be contacting them.
"I hope that the work has shown that road safety is an important priority for the local policing team and the community as a whole. We have been doing a lot of work locally to reinforce the importance of road safety and Tuesday’s activity will have sent a message to motorists that we will continue to tackle irresponsible driving on our street.
“The neighbourhood policing team will continue to run intermit speed checks throughout the year for varying lengths of time to ensure that public concern continues to be addressed.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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