Be on your guard against tool theft after several Ford Transit vans were broken into

South Wales Police  are issuing a warning to members of the public to be on their guard against tool theft after several Ford Transit vans were broken into recently.

Thieves are targeting vans that are likely to have tools in them. We would urge drivers and van owners wherever possible to remove all tools and other valuable items from their vehicles when they park, especially overnight. If removal of the tools is not possible, fit a tool safe and ensure it is fully secured with good quality locks.

This type of thief will depend on people being complacent about being in a ‘safe’ area or the fact their vans are parked directly outside their homes.

It is really important that people recognise that keeping their vehicles locked may mean that they don’t have expensive items stolen. A thief taking £100s worth of tools that are vital to someone in doing their job could potentially put them out of business. To someone who is self-employed it can be a very big hit as often people who depend on these tools for their livelihood find they don’t have adequate insurance to cover their loss.

If you really have no alternative to leaving the tools in your van overnight, make every effort to at least put it on the drive, or back up so that the door and rear windows are parked against a wall or hedge. Investing in an extra external lock can also act as a deterrent to would be thieves.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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