True colours of Ponty’s Labour MP showing through

As previously mentioned Pontypridd MP Owen Smith has been receiving a significant amount of abuse via his own Facebook page after he published his letter of resignation from the shadow cabinet there a few days ago. The following post is one such example. If, at appears to be the case, it does come from a Labour supporter, then it does indeed give an interesting insight into the attitudes of Mr Smith.

Of course those of us who stand in opposition to him and everything the Labour party is about have always ascertained that he puts his own career and party poitics before people. We have also known that the Labour party locally exert undue influence over the press – for instance when they had the story about Mick Antoniw removed from the Wales Online website even though every word was true.

Now we have confirmation of that behaviour from those on the inside. It is not a pretty picture and is not the behaviour we would expect from those elected to represent the residents of the area:

Nicholas Thomas On Saturday 7th March 2015 you attended a Labour meeting in Pontypridd at which the guest speaker was yourself, then shadow secretary of state for Wales. When questions were invited from the floor you were asked, given that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been responsible for a great many more deaths than the Bedroom Tax, Labour had pledged to scrap the Bedroom Tax but had said nothing about pledging to scrap the WCA. You replied that Labour could not pledge to scrap the WCA because this would make Labour appear weak on benefits in the eyes of the media and compromise Labour's general-election chances.You then threatened legal action against the reporting off your reply and the person who reported this fearing your wrath removed the story even though everything that was reported was correct . So it seems that you are ok for people to suffer under the WCA which they do , you know it , i know it , the country knows it , but it is a price worth paying if it makes Labour look tough on benefit claimants . It is attitudes like yours and what has happend in the last week that i have decided after being a life long labour supporter to no longer support Labour . No way do i want to have anything to do with a party that thinks its only way to power is to move to the right . You and all those other Labour MP,s are destroying everything the Labour party stood for . Being more like the Tories just shows how you have completely run out of ideas and passion . I fear for all of us at the bottom as we will be trodded into the ground as one right wing party fights off a rising right wing party , which in turns fights off a party that thinks it will be better off being right wing . what a sad day for Socalism . Shame on you all !!!!!!!!!!

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    Team @ AberdareOnline

    Team @ AberdareOnline

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