Future of Ton Pentre Police station secure – possibly

Reassurances have been given by Council leader Andrew Morgan that Ton Pentre Police station is to remain open. He has apparently been told by the Chief Superintendent that rumours of the closure of the station are false and that there are "no plans to close Ton Pentre police station."

We very much hope this is true – we have lost far too many facilities in recent years and seen too many centralised elsewhere. However, we have heard such reassurances before.

In August 2011 then Council leader Russell Roberts assured residents that Tonyrefail Police station, as a result of lobbying by Labour Councillors, was going to remain and that the Police presence there wasn't going to be reduced. That proved not to be the case.

Our Police services have been steadily cut back over several years, with more and more moved to Merthyr. The Rhondda Magistrates' court shut and now the Pontypridd one is to follow suit. Let's hope that this time when they powers that be say they are to remain then that will be the case.

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    Team @ AberdareOnline

    Team @ AberdareOnline

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