A Youth Engagement Project (YEP) running in Cwm Taff over the past 6 months has shown very positive results

A Youth Engagement Project (YEP) running in Cwm Taff over the past 6 months has shown very positive results. The scheme brings together a variety of agencies including South Wales Police, YEP as well as local school and retailers.

The project focuses on education, enforcement and engagement of the community and businesses, with its mission being to reduce alcohol harm in local communities – with a primary focus on tackling underage drinking. The scheme also works with retailers to tackle sales of alcohol to under 18s and targets the issue of adults purchasing alcohol for teenagers – known as ‘proxy purchasing’.

Residents in Cwm Taff have reported an increasing number of incidents of underage drinking, particularly in parks late at night. The YEP, along with officers from South Wales Police, have recently targeted resources at combating alcohol related anti-social behaviour in hotspots in the area.

Regular police patrols have identified underage drinkers and officers have confiscated alcohol and informed parents of their children’s behaviour.

PS Mike Rudall from the Community Safety Partnership said: “We seize a huge quantity of alcohol some weekends which, despite popular opinion, we do dispose of down the sink – we don’t drink it or keep it for the Christmas party.

“We already work closely with partner agencies and retail outlets to tackle issues involving young people and alcohols. With the support of the community we have assisted in reducing alcohol related disturbances on the streets. Confiscation of alcohol undoubtedly prevents further anti-social behaviour and we welcome the opportunity to link in with schools, parents and retailers to tackle this issue.”


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