Jewel in the crown needs polishing.

RCT's Labour Council are desperately publicising the Ynysangharad Park lido and play area to encourage visitors to come to Pontypridd. The lido was reopened last year after an investment of over £6 million, but the rest of the park, the so called "jewel in the crown" of Pontypridd is a disgrace

Right next to the children's play area "Lido play" is a fenced off area that is full of mud and water. There is obviously a severe drainage problem here, and the Council are aware of it which is why it is fenced off, but why has it not been rectified?

Walking in to the park from Bridge Street end, again just a few hundred yards from the lido, is a stretch of railings, the exact purpose of which is not clear. They are desperately in need of a lick of paint. Just a couple of pounds worth.


The cricket pitch is the highlight. The photos really speak for themselves. What on earth is going on? A few slabs of turf surrounded by what is more like a golf course bunker. Grass seeds have been thrown around there but are lying dried up and useless on the surface.


Ynysangharad Park was in its heyday a magnificent centrepiece for the town. With all the money that has been spent on the lido surely they want to make the most of the tourism potential and present the park in top condition?

Yet another example of Labour's ineptitude.

Cllr Mike Powell


















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