Supporting the fight against cancer

There can be few people who have not had their lives touched by cancer – either directly themselves or via family or friends. There is a need to do everything possible to combat the disease in all its forms and support those affected to come to terms with it and cope with the emotional as well as physical stresses.

The Welsh Labour government failed miserably to meet the targets they themselves set for treatment Their target for 95% of urgent cases to be seen by a specialist within 62 days has not met since June 2008 and there are substantial variations in the level of care available in different areas across Wales.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are determined to improve standards of cancer care and close the unacceptable gap in care between the best and the rest. We would:

  • establish a national cancer awareness campaign;
  • appoint a National Cancer Director to drive forward and fully implement the National Cancer Plan;
  • bring chemotherapy closer to people's homes through mobile units and community hospitals to ensure people don't have as far to travel; and
  • support systematic screening programmes, where it is appropriate and cost-effective.

In opposition at the Assembly our Members were at the forefront of the fight for the use of innovative radiotherapy treatments. The 'Health Technology Fund' in which the Welsh Government invested over £25million was an idea first put forward by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. This fund has led to investment in cutting edge technologies including CT scanners, Screening Clinical Imaging and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy. We want to see this fund expanded to make sure Welsh patients can access new treatments and make sure the Welsh NHS is at the forefront of medical advances.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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