Infant classes sizes should be cut.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to see infant class sizes reduced to a maximum of 25. Evidence shows that children achieve more if taught in smaller classes. This would seem to be common sense – the smaller the class the more time a teacher has to spend with individual pupils making sure they understand what is being taught and giving extra help where needed.

Of course this idea holds true across the age spectrum, but we would look to prioritize this in Infant classes as we believe those early years are essential.

This is why RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats fought so hard alongside parents against the cuts to nursery education.

It is especially the case in deprived areas such as RCT that schools and nurseries meet a social need as well as a strictly educational one. Not all children receive the help at home the need to help them succeed, and not all parents are able to offer that help. Smaller class sizes would reduce the pressure on teachers and give them more time to be more innovative in their teaching and interact more with families.

Vote for the change you need to see.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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