Cameron – a witch-hunt based on morals or party politics?

The media have all gone wild this past week over David Cameron's tax affairs and admittedly he hasn't helped himself with the bumbling way he has handled things. Now we have politicians all over the place falling over themselves to publish their tax returns as proof of what upstanding citizens they are. Of course legal tax returns are not likely to reveal details of any untoward activity, and they certainly would not show tax that was unpaid because of money invested in tax avoidance schemes. Yet presumably we are supposed to not notice that and admire those who make their returns public.

We should remember that Cameron has not done anything illegal. Whether what he has done is immoral depends upon an individual's own standpoint.

It appears to me that many of those jumping up and down in indignation are doing so because they don't like Cameron or the Tories – understandable certainly but hardly a reason to call for his head in a plate. Many of those are Labour supporters who appear to overlook the flaws of those in their own party regardless of what they do.

Chris Bryant, Rhondda Labour MP "flipped" his second home as defined by Westminster expense rules twice in order to claim £20,000 for renovations. There are allegations that he actually tried to claim a lot more. Not illegal, but is it morally right?

He has since been re-elected so it would appear that the old adage about anything wearing a red rosette being electable in the Rhondda is correct. Either that or Labour members are expected to play by different rules.

Mick Antoniw, who has been the Labour AM for Pontypridd for the past five years, was reprimanded by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority for irregularities in relation to miners' compensation. His firm, Thompson's solicitors , had been charging admin fees and paying these to the unions

Certainly immoral and also it seems not in strict keeping with the law. Yet where was the outcry over this?

If people are to take the moral high ground then they should at least apply their views fairly.

Karen Roberts

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