Warnings over Welsh Labour’s public health ‘time-bomb’

Wales needs a public health revolution say the Welsh Conservatives, as they announce a range of measures to tackle Labour’s public health ‘time-bomb’.

A Welsh Conservative Government would:


  • Appoint a voice at the cabinet table, via a Deputy Minister for Public Health;
  • Introduce a dedicated nurse in every school, FE college and university;
  • Conduct public awareness campaigns to highlight Wales’ ‘four biggest killers’ – cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia;
  • Improve access to screening for cancer, diabetes and eye conditions;
  • Invest more in health screening programmes and introduce hearing tests at a pensionable age;
  • Appoint Public Health champions in every local authority;
  • And a re-evaluation of the role public health can play in the school curriculum.


Welsh Conservative Health spokesman, Darren Millar,  also confirmed that a Welsh Conservative Government would NOT legislate to ban the use of e-cigarettes.


Mr Millar has warned of a potential ‘public health time bomb’ in Wales if Labour are returned to power in May.


Since 2011 frontline NHS services in Wales have been deprived of around £1 billion, due to Labour’s record-breaking budget cuts; the legacy of which can be seen in rising obesity, diabetes and smoking levels in Wales.


According to the Welsh Government’s most recent ‘Welsh Health Survey’ around 58% of all adults were classified as overweight or obese – with more than 1-in-5 obese (22%).


Almost 1-in-4 reported ‘binge drinking’ within the previous week, with less than a third of all adults reporting having eaten five or more portions of fruit and vegetables the previous day.


Meanwhile, since 1996 the number of people living with diabetes in Wales has almost doubled. 182,600 people in Wales now have diabetes, and that figure is on course to rise to 300,000 by 2025.


Welsh Conservatives have today outlined plans for a ‘Public Health Revolution’; with a dedicated Deputy Minister for Public Health, as well as Public Health Champions within every local authority.


Mr Millar is also calling for a revolutionary new approach to public health for younger people, including a dedicated nurse within every school, FE college and university.


He said:


“Labour have broken a series of promises on public health and the troubling reality is that they have presided over a public health time bomb.


“At the last election Labour promised to appoint a nurse in every school – a pledge they failed to deliver – and their efforts to ban e-cigarettes could cause real harm to efforts to reduce smoking levels in Wales.


“The fact is, Labour cannot be trusted on public health. 


"Obesity levels are rising. Diabetes prevalence is rising too. Too many people are drinking too much. And smoking levels remain stubbornly high.


"There are also vast health inequalities across different communities and social groups in Wales.


"It’s a dangerous situation – and the clock is ticking for our Health Service.


"From the cabinet table, to local government, the classroom and at home – only the Welsh Conservatives have a radical plan to tackle Labour’s public health time bomb."

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