UKIP Announce Campaign Manager Sam Gould as Candidate for Caerphilly

Popular local Caerphilly businessman to build on General Election vote.

UKIP has announced party campaign manager Sam Gould as their Welsh Assembly Election candidate for Caerphilly.

Mr Gould, a father of three, who lives in Caerphilly, was born in the Welsh valleys and runs two business in the local area. A graduate of Cardiff University, he spent two years volunteering in Africa before setting up highly successful businesses in the fields of events and entertainment.

Sam is the Chairman of UKIP in Caerphilly and came second in the General Election in Caerphilly last year with 19.3% of the vote and 7791 votes with the biggest swing 17% of any candidate from any party in Wales.

Between school and university, using funds he had saved by working for a year, Sam spent 2 years as a missionary in West Africa before being evacuated by British Troops from war torn Ivory Coast and taken to Ghana in November 2004.

Sam saw first hand the extent of corruption in West Africa and was very frustrated by humanitarian aid goods ending up in the wrong hands. Sam worked alongside church colleagues to give hundreds of wheelchairs to the handicapped and to see the construction of wells providing drinking water to villages.

While in West Africa Sam became very ill with malaria, and a few months later returned home to Wales. Within a year Sam contracted and nearly died from meningitis and is profoundly grateful for the healthcare he received from the NHS and remains committed to the NHS being free at the point of delivery.

“As a former Labour voter I was horrified to find that the Labour council seemed more concerned with protecting their own interests and those of the Labour appointed chief executives than the needs of the people they should serve. The local NHS is overburdened, and it’s been a struggle to find a primary school place for my daughters. Some parts of Caerphilly have been described in a Welsh Government report as ‘the most deprived areas of Wales.

“I believe that the British people should decide who makes the laws we all have to live by. I believe we should know and be able to hold to account those who govern us. But for us to achieve this we must withdraw from what is destined to become the United States of Europe, run by faceless bureaucrats who have not been elected and cannot be removed by us.”

For more information, please visit Sam’s website at http://samgould.uk/sam-gould/

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