Protest the poor train service in the Welsh Valleys supplied by Arriva Trains Wales

Transport to Cardiff from the Valleys is essential to most who live here.  Getting to work on time is a real issue for many of us and Arriva's performance at commuter times is becoming increasingly worse over time.

Thousands of people throughout the Welsh Valleys rely on this sole provider, who not only fails on a (mostly) daily basis for one or other Valley, but also seems to accept no responsibility for the knock on effects of it's ineptitude.  The most many of us received post-cancellation is a glib 'sorry' at best.

In the current economic climate, it is undoubtedly unacceptable to turn up late for work frequently and expect to avoid difficult questions regarding our 'tardiness'.  Many individuals I know have faced disciplinary action as a direct result of Arriva's inability to provide a satisfactory service.  

It's time Arriva Trains Wales were made to answer for their inefficiecies and failure to progress,  develop and ultimately maintain a reliable platform from which to support thousands of employees across Wales.  Lord knows, they take enough of our money year on year.

Let's make them answerable! Let's make them implement changes! 

Do it for the Welsh economy!  

The Assembly must not be allowed to renew their contract in 2018 and the purpose of this petition is to discuss and develop a new and greater transport system for the Welsh Valleys.


Arriva Trains Wales
Address the poor train service in the Welsh Valleys by Arriva Trains Wales

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