UKIP response to Severn Bridge Tolls

Economics spokesman Mark Reckless and author of UKIP’s Welsh Assembly Election Manifesto says while he backs the cut, only UKIP is pledging to scrap the toll altogether.

 “Once the bridge is passed back into public ownership we see no reason why this punitive toll on people travelling to and from Wales should continue. It’s damaging to business, to tourism and is by far the highest toll in the UK. Not paying it is not an option for most as the Severn bridges are our most important thoroughfare to and from Wales. For many, the toll is unavoidable. It is a deterrent to doing business over the bridge. We estimate that the annual maintenance cost for both bridges is in the region of £10 million. We would pay for this by axing the £73 million Welsh government budget for “climate change project” so that UKIP could scrap the tolls”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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