‘Scores on the Doors’ hospital ratings would drive patient choice

A Welsh Conservative Government would legislate to introduce a radical 'Scores on the Doors' hospital ratings system, giving patients more information than ever before on the performance of local services. 

The announcement comes as part of a move to increase patient choice within the Health Service in Wales.

Under the scheme, hospital performance would be assessed and rated – and a score out of five awarded. These ratings would be published, and would feature prominently on the hospital building itself, giving patients a clear indication as to its performance. 

The ratings would be provided by a fully-independent, better-resourced Healthcare Inspectorate Wales; which would score performance after considering issues such as – a hospital's ability to provide timely, accessible treatment, whether patients are treated with dignity and respect, cleanliness, hospital-acquired infection rates and the wider patient experience. 

The extent of the criteria deciphering a hospital's rating would be a matter for consultation as part of the development of an NHS Safety Bill, which would form part of the legislative programme of a future Welsh Conservative Government. 

As part of the proposals, a Welsh Conservative Government would also establish a Patients' Choice Charter; allowing people the right to choose their GP and hospital, exercising choice in transfers of care and access to treatment. 

Announcing the commitment, Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar AM said:

"Years of underfunding by Welsh Labour has knocked patient confidence in our NHS and we now need radical action to restore it.

"By legislating to introduce a Scores on the Doors hospital ratings system and greater patient choice, a Welsh Conservative Government would ensure that patients have more information than ever before about their local hospital; and empower them to choose which hospital they are referred to for treatment. 

"We want to see an NHS underpinned by patient responsibility, and choice – supported by record levels of funding and investment.

"With a fully-independent Healthcare Inspectorate Wales providing accessible information to the public about a hospital's performance, we will drive up standards and renew confidence in the NHS which, despite the best efforts of hardworking staff, has been let down for too long by Labour Ministers."

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