Aston Martin shows Global business here to stay

UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill has lauded today’s announcement that Aston Martin will make new concept car in Wales as ‘mythbusting Brexit scaremongers’

Today’s announcement that Aston Martin will construct it’s new DBX concept car in St Athans, creating 750 jobs, has been warmly welcomed by Nathan Gill MEP who says it shows that global business is willing to invest in Wales, even if we leave the EU.

“The fact that a global car manufacturer has announced it has picked Wales out of 20 other international locations really debunks the threats coming from the Remain campaign that big business will flee our shores were we to leave the EU.

“So close to the referendum, Aston Martin would not be making such an investment here if they were in any way jittery about the UK leaving the European Union.

“We had Airbus last year at the Paris Airshow state categorically they are here to stay, as is Nissan and most recently, Toyota have also backed this up. These threats that 200,000 jobs could be lost in Wales if we leave is utter fallacy.

“In fact, remaining in the EU with its carbon reduction objectives hiking up energy costs, the failure to prevent the dumping of Chinese Steel into the European market, the punitive legislation on agriculture forcing farmers to be dependent on hand outs from Brussels and the second imminent Eurozone crisis will be what decimates Welsh industry and lead to mass unemployment.

“We should applaud this investment and welcome it as a vote of confidence in our future mythbusting Brexit scaremongers”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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