Welsh Lib Dems announce Access to GP scheme

As part of our plans for the NHS in Wales Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, this week announced our Access to GPs scheme which will guarantee prompt appointments and extend opening hours where needed.

Under the Welsh Liberal Democrats' plans, GP practices would be able to bid for funding to improve access by whichever means they feel best suits their patients and practice needs.

£10 million would initially be allocated in support of the fund and there would be a bidding process overseen by NHS Wales, who would assess applications. Schemes which offer the most innovative services and which can be best replicated would be targeted for support, in order to spread best practice.

This is the third part of the Welsh Liberal Democrats' 3 point plan for the NHS, which also includes safe staffing levels and better mental health services.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for Pontypridd, Mike Powell, said

"It is currently very difficult for many people to get a timely appointment with their GP. If they can get through to the surgery in the first place then it is often impossible to make an appointment at a time that fits around work commitments or indeed that enables them to be treated quickly.

"Our A&E departments are often overcrowded, partly because people go there instead of to their GP, but who can blame them when they cannot get seen at their local surgery.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats will guarantee the best treatment at the right time to meet every patient's needs. The Access to GPs scheme will ensure prompt appointments and extend GP opening hours to evenings and weekends where there is an established local need to do so."

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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