First Minister’s ‘lack of remorse’ after RIFW scandal

The First Minister has failed to outline any tangible action whatsoever that Labour Ministers plan to take to ensure recompense for Welsh taxpayers in light of the recent Regeneration Investment Fund for Wales scandal.

Under the scheme, 15 sites were sold for £21.7 million – considerably under market value; leading to a huge, unnecessary loss to the Welsh taxpayer. It was described as “one of the most significant and deeply concerning inquiries undertaken by the committee” by the Public Accounts Committee.

Having, last week, forced the First Minister to apologise for the role of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the RIFW scandal, Welsh Conservatives leader Andrew RT Davies AM today quizzed the First Minister on what steps are being taken to pull back money for Welsh taxpayers.

The First Minister, however, failed to outline any clear steps Labour Ministers are taking to address their failure to protect public money.

Welsh Conservatives leader Andrew RT Davies AM, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have offered next to no explanation as to the efforts they intend to take to ensure any solace whatsoever for ripped-off taxpayers across Wales.

“I’m staggered by the First Minister’s lack of remorse on this issue; with the actions of his Government having played such a damning role in costing the Welsh taxpayer many millions of pounds.

“The First Minister’s bizarre rant today proves he has no intention to properly stand up for Welsh taxpayers; after this scandalous loss of taxpayers’ money.”

The Welsh Conservative leader also highlighted issues with regards to the Rhondda Life project; which failed to offer economic, and social, regeneration to the area. Furthermore, he also quizzed the First Minister as to his Government’s chaotic handling of the Cardiff to Anglesey air link in recent months.

Mr Davies said: “Having spent £1.2million erecting a building linked to the Rhondda Life project, I have recently learned that this was sold for a paltry £220,000 – making it another catastrophic loss to the Welsh taxpayer.

“This only highlights, not only the Welsh Labour Government’s failure to support schemes that stimulate social regeneration and economic growth; but proves that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party continue to treat public money in Wales with utter contempt.”

He added: ““With flights grounded amid safety concerns, emergency flights having to be chartered; and the contract up for tender for only a seven-month period; Jeremy Corbyn’s First Minister failed today to offer assurances that this key component of his preferred transport programme is being delivered effectively.”

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