Confirmed – NHS Waiting Times Worse in Labour-run Wales

Figures reveal the startling gap in waiting times between Wales and England, with waits here significantly longer in nearly all of the key categories for treatment and diagnosis.


Directly comparable figures show that the biggest gap was in the wait for hip operations, where the average length in England was 75 days; compared to a startling 197 days in Wales.

Waits for hip operations in Wales have lengthened substantially over the last four years – by over a fifth since 2011.


Meanwhile waits for other Welsh NHS procedures – such as cataracts, hernias and some heart operations are around two months longer than in England.

Table 1.

Main procedures                   England               Wales

Cataract                                   61                         115

Upper digestive tract              21                           33

Heart bypass                           57                          111
Heart operations                     39                           40

Hip                                          75                            197

Kidney                                    20                             18


Cancer                                   21                              22

Heart disease                        37                              47

Pneumonia                            50                              64

Hernia                                   44                              114

Head Injuries                         5                                 5

Sources: Hospital Episode statistics 2014/15. Health and Social Care Information Centre / Patient Episode Database for Wales 2014/15. NHS Wales Informatics Service.


Shadow Health Minister, Darren Millar AM, said:

“Earlier this week we learnt that the Welsh Labour Government has put its propaganda machine into overdrive by spending millions on promoting itself, when that cash would be better spent on the Welsh NHS.

“These figures clearly show that Welsh patients are getting a raw deal in the Labour run Welsh NHS.

“It is utterly disgusting that people are waiting almost twice as long in Wales to have a heart bypass operation; placing vulnerable patients at risk of serious harm, and potentially premature death.

“Meanwhile, waiting times for the treatment of cataracts, hernias and hip operations are also much longer here than over the border; impacting on them and their loved ones and ruining their quality of life.

“This is further evidence of the damaging legacy of Labour’s cuts, closures and downgrades to the Welsh NHS.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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