2016 – and we’re still here.

Unbelievably another year has flown by and 2016 is upon us. Politically 2015 was not the best for us as a party and it was difficult to see all the hard work we have put in locally count for nothing as people voted according to national, UK wide issues. It seems that many people who urge politicians to put their community first before party considerations were unable to do that themselves when it came to casting their vote.

Still, we are nothing if not resilient and much as our opponents would like to see us give up and go away we have no intention of doing so. We will continue to scrutinise unfair decisions and fight for causes we believe in.

One of the major campaigns we were involved in over the past year was to try and stop the ridiculous proposals in the Rhondda to create all through 3 to 16 and 3 to 19 schools, amalgamating secondary and primary schools and removing sixth forms form three out of five schools. We have, along with parents pupils and educationalists, fought this every step of the way, but as usual what the Labour party decide on the Labour party get. It is a disgrace.

The lido in {Pontypridd eventually opened its doors in 2015. RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats had battled long and hard to retain the paddling pool as part of the renovation, but again the ruling group did not want to listen to the views of the public. The lido has attracted a substantial number of visitors during its first few months. We hope that will continue once people have to pay. Pontypridd is desperately in need of real regeneration.

We have highlighted major problems with the health service locally. Too many services have been and are being removed locally and the service we are getting is not what we deserve.

This year sees the Assembly elections in May and once again leading our charge in RCT will be Mike Powell in the Pontypridd constituency. It is not going to be easy, even ignoring last year's result. Every penny we spend on campaigning has to be raised by ourselves in RCT either from events or from a few donors. We don't have thousands to spend and simply cannot afford to match the activity of the Labour party with their union money or the Conservatives with their business donors. We have to target ruthlessly and certainly cannot afford to cover the whole of RCT.

However, what we lack in money we make up for in enthusiasm. Residents in RCT, and indeed Wales, deserve far better than we are getting from the Labour government who are failing our health service and running our education system. We need elected politicians who will stick up for this area. Nothing will change unless and until the Labour stranglehold is broken.

Why not help us do that? Join us, help us campaign, make a donation. If we want a better RCT and a better Wales then we need to fight for it – together.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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