Plaid Cymru will raise taxes, say Welsh Conservatives

Welsh Conservatives say that a Welsh Government led by Plaid Cymru would raise income tax in Wales.


The claims come after Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, admitted that she would use the new income tax powers in Wales to “maximise the amount of money in the budget to spend on public services.”


Welsh Conservatives, meanwhile, say they would make Wales the “low tax capital of the Union”.


Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said:


“The Chancellor’s announcements on income tax present us with an opportunity to break the mould, to think radically and offer hardworking families the support they need.


“I can categorically say that no Welsh Conservative Government under my leadership would ever use these powers to raise your taxes.


“Already you can see the fault lines in Welsh politics changing for good.


“Within minutes of the Chancellor’s announcement, Leanne Wood admitted that she plans to use the new tax levers to raise additional funds, that a Plaid administration would hike your taxes.


“Welsh Labour, meanwhile, has no interest in taking responsibility for the money it spends and raises. The current arrangement suits them, because it allows them to shirk responsibility, blaming everyone but themselves for years of managed decline.”


Mr Davies also said:


“Conservatives in Government have already taken almost 160,000 people out of paying tax, and the Welsh Conservatives are now putting plans in place to deliver a cut in the basic rate of income tax.


“I want to be clear. Hardworking families would benefit under a Welsh Conservative Government.


“We’ve already pledged to scrap stamp duty on all properties valued up to £250,000 for first-time buyers. We now have an opportunity to be just as radical with income tax and it’ll mean more money for every family in Wales.


“It’s also crucial to look at a cut to the higher ‘aspirational’ rate, which has the potential to benefit small businesses, create job opportunities and boost economic growth.


“Whilst Leanne Wood will be going into this election planning to raise your taxes, Welsh Conservatives will be campaigning to make Wales the low tax capital of the Union.”

Leanne Wood was interviewed by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics last week (25th November). Comments appear at approximately 01:35 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0394tyn

Andrew Neil:

If you had your own income tax powers in Wales, what would you make the basic rate and the top rate?

Leanne Wood:

“Our priority would be to maximise the amount of money in the budget to spend on public services.”

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