Safeguarding: A role for everyone

Partner agencies in Cwm Taf have hosted Wales’ first-ever Safeguarding Week – and used the important occasion to launch an important new website to protect, inform and reassure residents. 

The risk of physical/emotional abuse or financial/sexual exploitation – including that involving young people via the internet and social media – is very real and something everyone should be aware of, so they can spot the warning signs and, most importantly, know exactly where to go for help. 

Safeguarding is such a priority issue,  the Cwm Taf Safeguarding Boards, which comprise a range of partner agencies from across the region, organised the Safeguarding Week to deliver public awareness-raising events and staff training, and to launch www.cwmtafsafeguarding.org 

The awareness week and website launch come just a few months after the Cwm Taf Safeguarding Boards launched the award-winning Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) which brings together frontline staff from all member agencies to ensure a swift, effective and coordinated response to safeguarding issues. 

This month’s awareness-raising week and website launch were yet further proof of that commitment to safeguarding. 

They were considered so important, both were personally supported by Older People’s Commissioner Sarah Rochira and Children’s Commissioner Sally Holland, who attended the website launch. 

The website contains information on the range of safeguarding issues faced in Cwm Taf and, importantly, how to spot the warning signs and seek further support.

It has bespoke sections for adults, children, parents/carers and professionals and has been designed as an inclusive site full of tips, information and guidance for people who have concerns – for themselves or someone else. 

Gio Isingrini, Co Chair of the Cwm Taf Safeguarding Boards, said: “We are pleased and proud to have once again delivered a Wales-first when it comes to safeguarding. 

“Our Safeguarding Awareness Week was designed to engage with the public and the staff who work for the organisations that form our Safeguarding Boards to raise awareness of issues, how to respond to them and where to seek help. 

“The fact of the matter is it is not just down to staff from statutory services such as social care, health or policing to identify and raise safeguarding issues. 

“We all have a part to play, whether we are a plumber visiting a home, a hairdresser with an elderly client or a sports coach with concerns about a young person on our team. It is only by making that commitment to be aware and to all take a little bit of ownership for safeguarding that we can collectively protect those who need us the most.” 

Lisa Curtis-Jones, Co Chair of the Cwm Taf Safeguarding Boards, added: ““It was a privilege to be involved in the launch of the Cwm Taf safeguarding website this week, which formed part of the Cwm Taf safeguarding week. This event was the first of its kind in Wales, and we were proud to be a part of this. 

“The protection and safeguarding of children and adults at risk is of the utmost priority to the Local Authority and the Safeguarding Boards. Staff work hard on a multi-agency basis to ensure Adults and Children are protected from becoming at risk of abuse or neglect. 

“Every child and adult at risk (whatever their background, culture, age, disability, gender, ethnicity, religious belief) has a right to participate in a safe society without any violence, fear, abuse, bullying and discrimination. Every child and adult at risk has the right to be protected from harm, exploitation and abuse.

"Events like this assist us in raising awareness about safeguarding and highlight that it is everyone’s business. 

There were a variety of activities this week to raise awareness of this important issue and in doing so we have highlighted where the public and professionals can report concerns and  where they can seek advice and support.”

Visit the new Safeguarding Website

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