Remember, remember… to stay safe this fifth of November

THE Welsh Ambulance Service is reminding the public to stay safe and take extra care during Bonfire Night celebrations.

Every year, the service is called to deal with firework and bonfire-related injuries through improper handling of fireworks and people taking unnecessary risks.

Greg Lloyd, the Trust’s Head of Clinical Operations, said: “We want people to enjoy themselves on Bonfire Night but to do so safely.

“We’re asking members of the public to remember that fireworks can be potentially lethal if used improperly and even sparklers can cause serious injury if not used sensibly.

“Each Bonfire Night my colleagues and I end up treating a number of patients, including children and adults, who have called the ambulance service suffering from burns.

“We should all be mindful of how dangerous fireworks, bonfires and even sparklers can be. Sparklers can burn up to 1,000 degrees centigrade and fireworks can reach speeds of 150mph, which will cause serious damage to anything it hits.

”We would encourage people to attend organised fireworks displays to get the full enjoyment out of Bonfire Night, but if you are organising a firework display at home, remember to follow the Firework Code.”

In the event of an accident with fireworks or fires, here are some useful points you should follow:

– Extinguish any flames if the casualty is alight
– If alight, drop to the floor and roll to extinguish flames, keeping mouth and eyes closed
– If you see someone else on fire, tell them to ‘Stop, drop and roll’
– Use cool water (ideally cold running water) to cool the burnt area and reduce the pain
– Do not remove any burnt clothing which has stuck to the skin
– Do not use any creams or oils on burn injuries
– Seek urgent medical help by calling 999 for life threatening or serious injuries, for minor injuries contact NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47

For more information on firework safety, visit The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Safer Fireworks website: www.saferfireworks.com

In the event of needing advice on treating minor injuries visit the NHS Direct Wales website at www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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