Children’s Commissioner believes in more support for care leavers

Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland, has spoken about the need for greater support for children leaving care.

Ms Holland has spoken about a collective responsibility towards looked after children and young people and feels they are being let down at the last hurdle.

Children and young people in the care system are being invested in and supported right up until they leave local authority care. The age of care leavers is an important time when teenagers becoming adults need stability. Stability and support must be provided to ensure young people have every opportunity to achieve their life goals and aspirations.

Ms Holland believes in authorities treating children and young people in care as their own to ensure they receive the right support. There are also calls for care leavers over the age of 18 to remain in residential care if that’s what they chose.

Please visit the BBC website for more information.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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