#Sayno Anti-Bullying Week resources

Are you looking for something to kick start your anti bullying work? Struggling to find ideas in time for anti bullying week 2015? You’ve sorted everything but would like to be part of something BIG?

 The Preventing Bullying Behaviour Group and the Young Wales Anti Bullying Network have designed a short and snappy campaign that lets everyone know about anti bullying week!  We have 2 campaigns that you can sign up to that will not only promote anti bullying week but will amplify the voice of children and young people on one of the key issues that affect them!

Campaign Number 1

Thunderclap.it – a social media campaign where a ‘flash mob’ effect will take place at 11am on 16th November 2015 to kick-start the week! All you need to do is sign up to the campaign #sayno #bullyingmustgo before 15thNovember to be part pf the Thunderclap – don’t leave it too late as we need sign up ASAP!  A message showing your support will go out to all your Facebook friends or Twitter followers on the Monday morning of anti bullying week –  parents, colleagues, partners and community projects will all get the #sayno #bullyingmustgomessage –   Help us get the message out load and clear!!

Campaign Number 2

To build upon the message from the Thunderclap campaign we have designed a presentation that can be shared with your children and young people during assembly or a session in anti bullying week.  We have left the presentation open for you to tailor to your needs but you will find a poster to display around your setting before anti bullying week and also links to suggested video links that you may want to use.  The more adults, children and young people take part the better – just take a selfie of your #sayno message and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram throughout the week!

Click here to download the zip file where you will find instructions for the Thunderclap campaign and a covering letter, who we are brief, the poster, the presentation and video links to get you started with the #sayno #bullyingmustgo selfie campaign.  If you cannot open the zip file directly then save it to your desktop and then right click – open with windows explorer – if you are having any problems then please just get in touch with us here at Young Wales.

Wishing you all the very best with your anti bullying campaigns!

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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