Plaid perform embarrassing u-turn on local government reorganisation

Plaid have performed an embarrassing u-turn by supporting the Welsh Government’s local government reorganisation plans, Peter Black AM has said today.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Simon Thomas stated that he believed the Welsh Government’s Local Government bill was "taking the p*ss", yet today his party looks set to allow the bill to pass despite it not being changed.

Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Local Government Minister, said:

“This is humiliating stuff.  Only weeks after one of Plaid’s Assembly Members made clear he would be voting against the bill, his party is now stating that they will support it.  They are in an absolute mess.

“Plaid have sold out, but received absolutely nothing in return. It’s bizarre.

“Their embarrassing u-turn is based on smoke and mirrors. They have achieved literally nothing. There is no commitment for a fair voting system and it was always the case that mergers were not going to happen before the Assembly election.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will not support any local government reform that doesn’t bring power closer to people by devolving powers and introducing a fairer voting system.  If councils are going to be larger, then it is essential that they reflect the people that voted for them.” 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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