Support for school children with Type 1 diabetes in RCT

Summer is almost over and a new school year is beginning.  For families of children with Type 1 diabetes in RCT, school preparations have to extend beyond getting new shoes and ironing shirts. 

Diabetes UK Cymru is urging parents who have a child with Type 1 diabetes to make sure they have all the information and support they require to ensure their child has a healthy and happy start back to school. The charity is asking parents to share their children’s experiences of diabetes support in school as part of a national survey to assess the quality of care in education settings across Wales.

Diabetes UK Cymru’s National Director Dai Williams said:  “All children have the right to a fulfilling and enjoyable educational experience. That’s why we have set up a Care in School Helpline,staffed by volunteers, many of whom are parents of children with Type 1 diabetes, who can give information on children’s rights to support at school as well as giving emotional support if parents have any worries.

“We want to find out more about the good and bad examples of support that children have at schools in RCT and we would urge any parents to get in touch with us to tell us about their experiences.”

“To encourage students aged 11–17 with Type 1 diabetes to tell their stories, we have launched a ‘Diabetes in School’ Short Film Competition. It’s open to all students aged 11 to 17 who are invited to submit a film, of no more than three minutes long, sharing their experiences of living with diabetes at school. We hope that the competition will help to raise awareness of diabetes and inspire others.”

Parents who would like to share more information about their child’s experiences at school can email wales@diabetes.org.uk for more information. Families are encouraged to contact the Care in School Helpline by calling 0345 123 2399 MondayFriday9am–7pm, about any school-related concerns they have regarding their child and diabetes.

To apply to take part in the ‘Diabetes in School’ Short Film Competition and get more tips go to: http://www.diabetes.org.uk/short-film-competition

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