TATA: Gething’s fruitless taxpayer-funded jolly

TATA: Gething’s fruitless taxpayer-funded jolly

Is Labour in Wales open and accountable? Welsh Government refuses to disclose cost of Gething’s failed Tata rescue trip to India But you keep voting for them.

Responding to reports that Vaughan Gething flew business class and stayed in a luxury hotel for his two-hour meeting with Tata in India, Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said:

“Taxpayers will question whether Gething’s journey was the right way to support our steelworkers.

“While the Conservative UK Government has put hundreds of millions of pounds on the table to save steel jobs in Wales, Labour have spent taxpayers’ cash on fruitless jollies in swish airplane seats and plush hotels.

“Instead of globetrotting to distract from his problems in Wales, Vaughan Gething should get serious about supporting our steel and put some cash on the table.”

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