Our Emergency Departments are under extreme pressure

Our Emergency Departments are under extreme pressure

Our emergency departments in Royal Glamorgan, Prince Charles and Princess of Wales hospitals are all extremely busy.

We hope you stay safe and well but if you do need help and it is not life-threatening or an emergency, please try another service instead.

The most seriously injured and ill patients are prioritised at our A&Es. This means that, even if you are there before someone else, if you have a less serious condition, you will likely face an extended wait.

Drakeford and his Labour government are cutting the Welsh NHS budget in real terms

No money for the Welsh NHS but the Welsh government failed to spend £155 M or waste it. Just another day in Labour running Welsh economy

Labour minister: ‘We don’t know what we’re doing on economy’ Welsh Labour dont know what they are doing to the Welsh NHS.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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