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Is RCT Council breaking law over secret meetings?

The Western Mail on 30th December reported on the number of Cabinet and full Council meetings where the public had been barred for at least one item.

Welsh Government’s ‘world class’ digital platform accounts only used by a third of Welsh schools

A Welsh government online platform called Hwb+ for schools across Wales to share material is barely being used, it has been revealed by Plaid Cymru.

Demand seven-day services evidence, says BMA

The independent review body should demand the credible evidence and modelling on seven-day services which was lacking from contract negotiations, the BMA has urged.

Health of a nation - part 2 of our look back at 2014

As we move into 2015 we would like to wish everyone a happy and a healthy new year. Our heath is something many of us take for granted until we encounter problems. Just as we take for granted the hard work put in by the many front line staff who work in our health services.

Heads should roll over ambulance service as response times in RCT hit all time low

The latest ambulance response times statistics for November show that the Welsh Ambulance Service missed its target for attending the most urgent calls yet again for the thirteenth month running.

Lillian Board Memorial Cup

The memory of the ‘Golden Girl of British Athletics’ will live on at the 2014 Nos Galan Road Races.

RCT Council still wasting money - and local press let them get away with it

Despite all the talk of cutbacks and promises form their leader that they would put front line services first the Labour Cabinet is still throwing away YOUR money like confetti.

New 34% discount on Cardiff & Valleys rail fares for Welsh Concessionary Travel pass holders!

From 2nd January 2015, anyone who holds a valid Welsh Government concessionary travel pass can get a fantastic 34% off local fares on the Cardiff and Valleys network, without the need to buy a Rail Card.